Race Disclaimer

I accept that taking part in any of these events is by its nature hazardous and contains certain inherent risks.  I agree that I participate entirely at my own risk and accept that the event organisers are not liable for any loss, damage, claim, expense, injury or accidents which may arise as a consequence of my negligence at this event.  I will participate with care and attention, abiding by the rules of the event.  I remain responsible for my own property and actions.  I am in good health and have done sufficient training to safely complete the course.  I have read and understood the 'About - The Event' event description and clearly understand what is entailed.

All competitors must be over the age of 16 years old.

Race Routes

Both the running and cycle routes are subject to change at any point.  Route distances are approximate to the advertised distances.


Event Terms & Conditions

In the highly unlikely case that the event is cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the organiser's control, the event will be re-scheduled for the next available date and all entry fees carried over to that date.

If the participant is unable to attend on the revised date, you will have three weeks to inform the organiser in writing from when the change in date or cancellation is announced to receive a full refund of your entry fee.


Cancellation, Refunds and Transfers


If you are unable to participate in the event, please notify the organisers in writing as soon as possible. 

Refunds to a maximum of 50% can be claimed up to 4 weeks prior to the event date.  No refunds will be issued with less than 4 weeks’ notice prior to the event date.

All refunds are at the discretion of the organiser.

Under no circumstances are applicants permitted to transfer their entry to another person or another year.  Transferring an entry to another person or year may be possible at the discretion of the organiser.


Use of Personal Data

The organiser will maintain a registration database for all entrants and their chosen emergency contact. All information will be collected, stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Entrants give permission for the organisers, their agents, or any other associated organisations to use any photographs, video tapes, motion pictures, website images, recordings, or any other record of the event. Such articles may be used or included on websites, media publications, advertising, promotional information, or other publicly accessible sources.
Entrants give permission for the event results including their name, affiliated club, gender, and age to be published or included on websites, media publications, advertising, promotional information, or other publicly accessible sources.

Christmas Present Promotion

If you are buying an entry to the event as part of our Christmas present promotion, you consent to us sharing the name and delivery address you provide us with moonpig.com.

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